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The BETR tote Bag

The BETR tote Bag

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The BETR bag will quickly become your go to bag for everything. We designed this bag out of the need for a stronger heavier duty grocery bag with a zippered pocket to carry a phone, keys and wallet.

This is so much more than a grocery bag. At 12" long, 16" high and 7" wide. It is perfect to store your shoes, helmet and bike clothes in when heading out for a day or weekend riding trip. We have been using them for groceries and to carry clothes by sport when traveling rather than taking one duffel we can take a couple of these and keep bike gear in one, running gear in another, cold weather gear, etc.

This bag is actually named after our good friends Brendan, Elizabeth, Tor and Ripley who encouraged me to make the bag when we were complaining about the need for a BETR bag on a long skin track slog. We 100% believe you will love it as much as we do.

Available in many color combinations and we can tell you what colors/fabrics we have in stock when you order. Color combo are almost endless. We keep a couple in stock at all times also in color combos that we are into.


Handmade in Salt Lake City, UT.

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