Custom Framebag Instructions

 Please follow template instructions as accurately as possible. I want to make sure your Frame bag is a perfect fit.   Aslo hit the button below to see if we already have your frame dimensions.


 Send us a picture

  • Take the photo looking level with your triangle. Please do not take the photo standing up, looking down. 
  • Please take the photo Drive side approximately 10-12 feet away. Increased distance helps negate skew. 
  • Please use a camera with decent resolution (1-3mb) in landscape mode. We need to zoom in to clearly see the measurements in order to scale the photo to the correct size. 
  • If possible, take the photo with a solid background.
  • A yardstick works best, but a tape measure will do just fine. Please do not use soft measuring tape.
  • Make sure the yardstick/tape measure doesn't cover any of the frames angle point cable stays etc.  
  • Bright light is best as shadows are hard, especially with dark colored frames.
  • Have the crank down.
  • Remove water bottle cages and expose the bolts if you are ordering a bolt-on bag.
  • For half frame bags, leave water bottles in the cages so we can design the bag go around them snuggly.
  • Please email photo at full resolution with name, bike make/model and year to   
  • I have attached a good example photo for reference. The magnified area is just for example to be able to read.


 - Send us a cardboard cutout
Send your template as soon as you place your order. You will get put in the queue as soon as your order is placed.

Please include your name, address, email address, bike make/model/size and year on the cardboard triangle.

Step 1 - Set Up
Rough cut a piece of cardboard, or very stiff paper like poster board, so that it’s slightly bigger than the triangle of your frame. Use tape to attach the card board behind your frame. Or have a friend press the cardboard against one side of the frame for you to trace. 

Step 2 - Measure / Trace
Use a fine tipped marker to trace a line on the inside edge of your frame tubes; you will need to angle the marker to get as close to the true tubing limits and as far into the corners as possible. Remove the cardboard and cut out the shape of your frame bag carefully with scissors, utility or an exacto knife.

Step 3 - Check Trace
After cutting, insert the cardboard triangle into your frame to make sure that it fits. We will make your frame bag solely based on the triangle size template you send us, take care in making sure the size is right.

Step 4 - Mark Obstructions
To help us design the best attachment system please mark any cable stops (CS) or water bottle cage (WB) mounts on the inside and outside of the frame, top or bottom of the tube and note whether your cables are internally routed or not. If you have a front derailleur, mark where the top of the front derailleur (FD) attaches with a dashed line. If you have a top tube bag or bags that you intend to use, please mount those on your frame and mark where the straps are located so we make sure they work together.

Use a flexible measuring tape, or a piece of string and a regular measuring tape, find the circumference of your frame tubes and write it inside the triangle on the edge it represents, please do this for all three tubes. We will make the straps a bit longer than needed so that you can trim them down with scissors.

AGAIN.... Please mark the following:
WB - Water Bottle braze-on, CS - Cable stop, FD - Front derailleur

If you have preferred zipper locations please mark these on the template as well

Step 5 - ***Take pictures*** Please don't forget this step
Please take a couple of pictures of the inner triangle of your frame with the template in place. Additionally please take a picture of all the obstructions listed on the template above.

Step 6 - Info On Template
On the template, please write the following things:
  • Your Name
  • Mailing Address / email address / phone number
  • Make/model/size and year of your bike.

Step 7 - Mail the Template to...
     Broad Fork Bags
     413 G Street, Salt Lake City UT

If you have any question please send us an email at

P.S. It really is easier than it sounds :)