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What do you want to know??

Are your bags waterproof?

The fabric is waterproof, but the bags are only water resistant.

What are the pros/cons of Lace-up vs Velcro?

Velcro attachments allow the bag to be taken on and off the bike more easily, while the lace-up option takes a bit more time. It's like lacing up a big ol' boot, but it looks really cool and takes some tension off of the zipper. Both work great.

Is Dyneema fabric worth the extra $$?

Both the Dyneema and the VX fabrics are very high quality durable materials. When trying to make your decision, it basically all comes down to how much you want to spend and how important it is to have the lightest bag possible.

The 2.9oz dyneema is half the weight of the VX21 I typically use which is a 6.3 weight. The black dyneema I have on hand is the 5.0 weight.

The Dyneema does wrinkle easily giving the bag that stylish distressed look ;)

What is your lead time?

Check out the home page for the most up-to-date lead time. If you are in a bind and need a rush order, message us and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Do you offer bolt-on bags?

Yes we do! The top tube bags, down tube bags and frame bags can all be bolt-on if requested. The more mounts you have the less velcro you will need. Some bikes have enough bolt-on locations that the bag can be entirely bolt-on. However, most bags will still require a couple small velcro attachment points here and there.

Do you offer International shipping?

We ship to most places. Enter your address at check out to see shipping rates.

Our prices do not include VAT. If you are in the EU, you will have to pay VAT when your package reaches customs. The same applies for other countries.

For Canada, you will owe national and provincial taxes when your package arrives. NAFTA means duty free, not tax free.

Will my Apidura bladder fit in my frame bag?

I have the actual size template for the 1.5 and 3L Apidura bladder. I can measure it against the size of your frame bag and let you know if it will fit or not.

I have this crazy idea. Do you think you can make it for me?

Maybe. Send us an email and let's hear what you have in mind.