Hi! I am Jacquelyn Barnes, the needle driver of this one woman show.

I create/design all my products from my home in Salt Lake City, UT.

When I first got into biking in 2009, I fell in love with everything about bikes! First I started mountain biking, then got into gravel riding, and eventually started fat biking as well. I wanted to be able to ride bikes all year round! 

In 2017 I discovered my passion for bike packing after doing the San Juan hut system route from Telluride CO, to Moab, UT. There is something so incredible about human powered travel. I love getting myself to the most beautiful places I wouldn’t have been able to get to if not for my bike. It is so rewarding to have only yourself to depend on when you are out there in the middle of nowhere.


The only thing I didn’t like about biking was having to wear a backpack. Wearing a backpack, especially on those longer rides, was really uncomfortable for me due to some nerve damage in my shoulder. So the goal was to get the weight off the back and onto the bike. My products are all designed to increase your comfort, capability, and joy on the bicycle.

I feel very fortunate I am able to do this as my full time job. It has been incredibly rewarding creating and designing new products and trying to bring into being many of the creative ideas customers have requested. I love opening up discussions with my customers via email, phone or in-person so I can fully understand their needs and desires. I have learned through this experience that cyclists are the best clients. It is a joy to work with outgoing and inspiring people. I enjoy working with every client, from those that are working to integrate bikes more into their daily lives to those that are pushing themselves to the limits and exploring the most amazing places.

History of BroadFork Bags

BroadFork Bags was born in the Wasatch Range in 2013, affectionately named after Broads Fork Trail located up Big Cottonwood Canyon. In 2013 Josh (my partner at the time) decided to race the Tour Divide with only 2 weeks until the Grand Depart. Having never actually been bike packing before, he bought a touring bike on eBay and put the plan in motion.

Not being able to afford all the flashy commercial gear he decided to just go for it and make his own bike bags. He was able to craft himself a pretty nifty frame bag for the race and the rest is history.

Josh got a promotion at work and became too busy to do both, so I slowly started taking over all aspects of the business.

In 2020 Josh and I decided amicably to go our separate ways. Josh had no desire to work his full time job and run a business by himself. He told me if I want it, it’s mine. So with Josh's support he helped to make sure I had everything I needed to successfully run the business on my own. So, since 2020, it’s been a one woman show.

Jacquelyn Barnes