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Spooner Frame Bag

Spooner Frame Bag

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This is a cool variation on our standard frame bag. It is actually 2 separate bags that can be used together or separately, connected by strong velcro. Plastic reinforcement strips are sewn into the panels where the velcro connection is to help hold the bags shape and structure when only one bag is being used.

These full custom frame bags are constructed with your choice of waterproof X-pac fabric or dyneema. The side panels for the seat tube and down tube are constructed with black Ballistic Cordura. The top tube panel will match the main material. 

The seat, top and down tube are padded to prevent items from rattling around. The lining is always with a light colored pack-cloth fabric to increase visibility inside the bag. 

Bags are 2.75" wide at the seat tube to 3.5" at the head tube as a standard however this can be changed at your request. All zippers are #10 YKK Aquaguard or Nylock with hoods. All seams are double stitched with 100% Polyester thread for durability against UV and mildew and seams are finished to prevent fraying.

The zippered flat map pocket (if added) goes on the non-drive side 1.5 inches down. Same place as zipper on drive-side. The pocket depth is generally half way down the length of the bag. Double mesh pockets inside and a key holder.  

The hydration port allows your water hose to come out the top panel of the bag near the head tube. If you plan on using the hydration port, I recommend either the Platypus 2.0 L bladder with a quick disconnect or the Apidura frame pack hydration bladder in the 2 or 3L (Which fits in the bottom of your frame bag). I use a retractable cord to connect the hose to my handlebars.

There is an option to add a bike pump strap on the inside top of the top tube panel. It is a daisy chain that runs along the length of the top tube with two or three straps of one-wrap velcro to hold the bike pump or tent poles in place. (Example in the pictures)


Handmade in Salt Lake City, UT.

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